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An adoption is a process where an adult, who is not a child’s biological parent, takes on all the parental rights and responsibilities for that child. Once this process is completed the adoptive parent(s) are legally treated as though they were the child’s biological parent(s).

There are generally five kinds of adoptions in California:

  1. Stepparent or domestic partner adoptions: Stepparents may adopt the children of their spouses. Local county probation or welfare departments handle these adoptions.

  2. Inter country adoptions: Adoption of foreign-born children for whom federal law makes a special immigration visa available.

  3. Independent adoptions: Parent(s) place directly with prospective adoptive parent(s) for the purpose of adoption.

  4. Agency adoptions: Adoption of children who are placed for adoption by a licensed public or private adoption agency that has custody of the child as the result of either the parent(s) voluntarily relinquishing their legal rights to the agency or involuntary termination
    of parents’ legal rights by the court, and

  5. Adult adoptions: Where two consenting adults agree to form a parent child relationship.

Each type of adoption presents its own complexities and challenges. Regardless of the circumstances, Katie is equipped to make sure that the process is done with a minimal amount of stress. This involves careful preparation before the adoption process begins, properly filing your paper work and advising you of possible issues that can arise in an adoption case.  Katie is dedicated to advocating, leading and guiding your family during the entire adoption process.

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